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    Company Profile

    Luxgend Electronics Co., Ltd. founded in 2017, located in Zhongshan of Guangdong, is a dedicated manufacturer with capacities of research & development, production, and sales of utility LED lighting products, including work lights, spotlights, outdoor lanterns, auto lights, flood Lights etc. All of our products are verified to comply with the requirements and regulations of countries and regions like US, Japan, EU & Russia... with necessary certification of UL, CE, and RoHs.

    Our manufacturing capabilities involve with tooling & injection, SMT & electronic assembly, and line productions in house, as well as strategic partnership of CNC machining and other metallic processing. We're aiming at a variety of technologies to facilitate our constant effort for certain advantages.

    We are a ISO-9001 certified company, typically with specialty of OEM and ODM service, which is necessarily to be facilitated by our creativity and incredible efficiency, which will be well depicted by our products when presented to you. Embracing with relentless pursuit of quality and service, we  built up our system upon the commitment of both remarkable performance and tangible reliability.

    Luxgend team is composed of a group of enthusiastic & experienced people that had been working together for over 10 years, with consistent mission to be the real instrumentalist of lighting industry, we are always available to discuss your wants & needs, and willing to fulfil in a way of reciprocity.


    ▍Product Design
    From concept to design framework, we use QFD to deploy both the feature and reliability, a 3D model can only be viable when a functional prototype is verified, that's our cradle of big stars.
    ▍Circuit Board Design & Manufacturing
    Power management, LED driver, switch control, wireless, Blue-tooth, passive control... Invisibles are necessarily the muscle of the great power.
    ▍Optic Design & Manufacturing
    All lights are designated for intended application, that needs a tailored light pattern to accustom the job, never compromise on your tool for a remarkable accomplishment.
    ▍Optic Design & Manufacturing
    Tools are fundamental to the products quality & consistency, it's not just the valuable investment that we should cherish, rather a one-way harsh route that we rarely got a chance to retrace.
    ▍In-house Testing & Verfification
    Quality is not built by exorbitant materials, it's the relentless, even paranoid pursuit of client's satisfactory that privileged your products, although we know it's a tough road.
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